It's a pleasure to welcome you to a world where Wellness is for everyone. No matter which state or stage of life you are in - right from ‘pre-conception’ to old age – you can always begin to be ‘well’. Leveraging on the rich experience that he has gained over the years, Dr. Jayesh V Sanghvi MD (Hom) and his team now offer you a series of signature treatments under the label "Effortless Wellness". The uniqueness of the program is its simplicity and effectiveness with hardly any effort from your end. The result is highly profound and leaves a long lasting impression in your life.

This program not only treats your body but even the revitalizes your mind to embark upon a journey towards a better life; a life with rejuvenated health and vitality, free from diseases and ailments only with Homeopathy. It seeks to enhance the light and life force in each individual. Cultivating dignity and a sense of compassion, it restores a peaceful heart and a vivid sense of purpose.

"Hi Dr. Sanghvi! Do you remember me? I had taken MET (Memory Enhancement Therapy) from you for 2 years (Class 9 & 10). I must say your treatment has definitely done wonders for m..."
    - Sonali Sharma, MET helped me!
  RESPECTED SIR, Hello Dr.Jayesh Bhai Sanghvi. My son , Gaurav T Virani who has undergone the treatment for Memory Enhancement with Homeopathic Medicine for a couple of months ..."
    - Tushar Virani a Happy Father